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Food for fortitude

“One world, one pain.” It would be hard to express more succinctly the sense of shared struggle between the protesters on Cairo’s Tahrir Square and the people thronging Madison, Wisconsin, to protest Governor Scott Walker’s union-busting initiative.

Workers stand together

On opposite sides of the world, workers stand together...
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The latter appreciated the gesture offered by Egyptian trade union leader Kamal Abbas, who called in an enormous order to Ian’s Pizza in Madison to purchase pies for the protesters. Said one firefighter, on finding out where his garlic-topped slices came from, “Pizza never tasted so good.

But better even than the pizza is the taste of goodwill and good fellowship. As Egyptian student Muhammad Saladin Nusair (featured in the photo above) wrote in his blog:

We live in one world under one sky.

If a human being doesn’t feel the pain of his fellow human beings, then everything we’ve created and established since the very beginning of existence is in great danger. We shouldn’t let borders and differences separate us. We were made different to complete each other, to integrate and live together. One world, one pain, one humanity, one hope.

And if there is to be any hope for humanity, it must rest on precisely such unity among the ordinary peoples of all the world’s nations. We must learn to ignore the imaginary lines that divide us and fuse as one that we may regain from the pathocratic ruling elites all the public wealth, all the dignity, all the freedom that they have stolen from us. “We must all hang together,” as Benjamin Franklin said, “or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

There are malign forces in our society that wage relentless war that they may reduce us all to serfdom in a second dark age, and all for the increase of their own riches and capacity to force their will upon others. Make no mistake: These are the subcriminal psychopaths that Robert Hare warned us about, and appeals to their moral instincts are useless, for they have none. Only when they know, with genuine terror in their hearts at last, that they must abandon their ambitions or be deposed and jailed will they relent.

What is happening today in Wisconsin is the first pitched battle of the modern age between ordinary laboring Americans and an elite with more than the pride of Lucifer. It will not of itself decide the course of the long war to come, but it will set the terms for it.

Wahid 3alam, wahid alam: One world, one pain. How perfectly this summarizes the developing central idea of our time.

Originally published as a review of a article on Egyptian unions’ solidarity with fellow workers in Wisconsin. Update: As of 18 April 2015, the page cannot be found.

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