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Ana bi-hebbek ya biladi: I love you, O my country

This song, a product of the Khamis Wa-3ashrun Yanayir (25 January) revolution in Egypt, represents a message from those who participated — and most of all, those who died — to their families, their countrymen and the world. Pictured below is one such martyr, Sally Magdy Zahran, who was bludgeoned in the back of the head by goons in the pay of former president Hosni Mubarak while protesting on Tahrir Square; she went home after the protest, went to sleep, and never woke.

Sally Magdy Zahran, a martyr of the revolution

Sally Magdy Zahran, a martyr of the revolution.
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Hayy ath-thawra! Hayy al-atfal misr!: Long live the revolution! Long live the children of Egypt!

Originally published as a review of a video on the Egyptian revolution.

Peace, liberty, unity, justice, equality
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