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Min Al-Qahira bi'l-Hubb

From Cairo with love

“One world, one pain”: These words have become famous across the world in recent days, for they appeared on a sign held by an Egyptian protester on Tahrir Square to enjoin international solidarity, with specific emphasis on the protests in Madison, Wisconsin. That protester’s name is Muhammad Saladin Nusair, and this* is his blog.

Tahrir Square 2011: a sea of flags

An ocean of flags and faces fills Tahrir Square in Cairo during protests inaugurating the Khamis Wa-3ashrun
(25 January) revolution.
[ Image Source: Unknown ]

As those who have followed my commentaries know by now, Nusair’s sentiments are also mine. For far too long, we have permitted ourselves to be divided along a thousand lines of divergence, most notably and unnecessarily by those imaginary lines that we have inscribed on the earth’s surface as national borders. This is why, among my introductory notes on my former StumbleUpon blog (now defunct), you will find: “I am an American by blood, birth and breeding; but before I am an American, I am a member of the human species.”

And today international solidarity has grown more essential than ever before, as a pathocratic global ruling elite that recognizes no borders consolidates its power to crush middle- and working-class people around the world. As the elite is unified in the attack, so must we build unity at long last to defend our values and our rights. A struggle is joined today that cannot end without a decision.

Either the elite is victorious, and this world becomes a dystopia worthy of a William Gibson, a George Orwell, a Ray Bradbury or an Aldous Huxley: a ghastly slave state built atop a ruined ecology, “stable” as only a hell on earth whose denizens have been conditioned to think of it as heaven can be. Or we drive the elites from power and build a real, dynamic global democracy that chooses the values of equality, justice and reason over those that the elite would impose upon us: money, power, aristocracy and contempt.

What kind of world will we choose for ourselves? The battle of ideas that will decide this is now being fought, in Madison as in Cairo, in Tunis as in Tehran, in Athens as in Reykjavik. It’s good to know that we have this eloquent and ecumenical blogger on our side.

*Originally published as a review of the homepage of (formerly known as, a blog operated by protester Muhammad Nusair.

Peace, liberty, unity, justice, equality
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