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Kull makan al-harb

Everywhere is war

On this occasion, no review I could write for this page would say so much, and to such effect, as the following poem posted by anti-Qaddafi rebel “Libyan Freedom” (which I have taken the liberty of lightly copy-editing for clarity).

'Free Libya' green flag

“Free Libya” has a green flag of its own.
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Below appears the text, which speaks to me of the authors’ deep passion for liberty, although later events have led to the conclusion that the day this revolution took up arms in company with Al-Qaida, it soured the wind with innocent blood and poisoned its future.

“Not to be Silenced! Truth Prevails

Al Jazeera, do your part, gain our respect.
Clashes began; you have an effect!
The devil ran the country to the ground;
And now its people are falling with no sound.

Gadaffi is leashing Africans like barbarians!
Where is everyone; where are the humanitarians?
Blood is all about; it’s everywhere.
But doctors are forbidden to give medical care.

People are brought in and are dragged to jail;
Bleeding, dying under his cloaked veil.
Students abroad are forced to demonstrate;
If not, scholarships removed as they await their fate.

The Libyans are living an atrocity;
The lack of media is a hypocrisy.
CNN, where are you?

The courageous speak their mind;
But there are fears what coercion they may find
As fathers, brother, and sons
Are taken, never to be heard from.

Circumstances are intense, God willing we succeed,
Bring down this heathen to fall to his knees.
He is a mere mortal and nothing more;
He has no idea what the people have in store.

The storm is brewing; it may take time.
But power is not in the oppressor; it is from the divine.

One Hand, One Fight, One Victory.
From you I have just one plea:
Do your part and help set Libya free.”

Originally published as a review of a blog post on the Libyan rebellion. Update: As of 22 April 2015, the page is not available and the site is “dormant.”


Four years on, I have to wonder how these revolutionaries feel about what has become of Libya. They have achieved their object and rid themselves of the Qaddafi regime, but could anyone say that Libya is better off as a result?

Peace, liberty, unity, justice, equality
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