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The Washington Times and the ‘moonification’ of American journalism

While I think there is some validity in reporting and rebuking Transportation Security Administration excesses in airport surveillance of passengers, I also think there are plenty of news sources with more credibility than the Washington Times, which is the property of Unification Church founder, Nazi collaborationist and self-crowned messiah Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who has spent, in his own words, “literally 900 million to a billion dollars” to prop up the WT and influence American journalism and politics; Moon, in fact, takes personal credit for the dissolution of the USSR and the election of George W. Bush. As such, it is better known for anti-democratic (and ultimately anti-American) propaganda, exhortations on behalf of Moon's church/cult and neofascist proselytization than for evenhanded reporting.

Rev. and Mrs. Moon are crowned in a Senate office building, March 2004

“King and Queen of America”? Rev. Sun Myung Moon, once and future owner of the Washington Times, is also head
of the “Moonie” cult.

Here we see a coronation in which Moon and wife are crowned “King and Queen of Peace” at the Dirksen Senate Office
Building on 23 March 2004.
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Today more than ever before, countless media outlets and websites compete to bring us news colored in varying degrees by their operators’ political agendas. Thus, it grows ever more imperative to choose one’s sources with care; else one risks taking special pleading for reporting and public relations for facts.

Originally published as an adverse review of a op-ed on Janet Napolitano and the Transportation Security Agency.

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